And The Stupidity Continues

I understand that there is a need to keep supplies moving and put food on people’s tables during this pandemic. I understand that an economic depression will be something that will affect those of us who survive not only this disease but also the stupidity surrounding it.

But seriously – you are going to open a university back up for classes. Sweetheart, I’m really hoping that your degree is a honorary one because with decisions like that you might as well use that piece of paper to wipe your ass.

Even if you don’t believe that this is a pandemic. Even if you don’t believe that this is anything worse than a bad flu, you should surely have enough sense to follow your mother’s advice and stay home if you’re sick. Instead, you are forcing people to risk their lives because you tell them it’s okay.

Do you have that much of a god complex?

What would Jesus do? He would be in the trenches at the hospitals. His goal was always to heal the sick, not send them to slaughter. So I ask again what the hell are you doing?

It wouldn’t be so bad if this was a vital undelayable, service, that had no other option. But, universities around the globe, hell even the preschools, have figured out a way to hold classes online so as not to contribute to the problem. While you just say, “Meh, so a few of them die. At least they’ve already paid this year’s tuition.”

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I’ve been busy, life has been good and I just haven’t had the irritation levels to post. Yeah, I’ve been very lucky for the past few years.

But, all good things must come to an end and here we are. In the middle of a pandemic and we still have people screaming conspiracy theory/scam/hoax while watching people fall dead around them and still insisting that it’s not that bad out there.

The ones that amuse me the most are the ones who rail at the government no matter what it says. I have one friend that I follow on a few platforms – honestly, he wasn’t so paranoid when I met him a few decades ago. I’ve since watched him devolve and it’s like a train wreck, I just can’t look away.

In one breath he says this is all a hoax. He insists that this is a giant government conspiracy to make the sheeple cower in fear so they can have absolute authority. In the next breath he is certain that this is open biological warfare, designed to purge the world of the elderly, those who are dragging down our society with their high cost medical needs.

At least though, he seems to be staying inside. He has enough sense that if there is a chance this illness is real, to stay away from it. After all, even the flu is contagious and he is also an anti-vaxer, so he’s got enough brain power to protect himself. He spews his garbage from the safety of his kitchen table.

But the youngins. They are the ones who really piss me off. They’ve grown up in a science knowing world. Yet, they read a headline on Insta and decide this is an old people’s problem, doesn’t concern them and then refuse to take any sort of precautions. They have such a carefree attitude, “If I get Corona I get Corona… but maybe I’ll order a Bud instead. hahahahahahaha”

These are the ones who defy common sense, congregate in groups and then go visit Grandma. So I ask, how does it feel knowing that you are the sole reason your grandparent is dead? Or if are surviving, how does it feel watching them cough up a lung and struggle to take the smallest breath, all because you were too much of an asshole to worry about their health. That you, at 19 or 20 years old with barely a secondary school education, thought you knew more than the stupid grown-ups who studied this shit and have kept you alive this far.

Cause kiddo, there isn’t a do-over. You don’t get a second chance with this. You can’t say I didn’t know because you did. You were just more interested in having fun and fuck the consequences.

Hope you’re happy.

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U.S. Infiltration is everywhere

It’s interesting how we, as Canadians have lost the ability to differentiate between Canada and the US. We’re so used to seeing American landmarks in television shows and movies that when we run across them in real life, we don’t realize how absolutely out of place they are.

Case in point. I work for a company that has a very unique building. It has been used in several films and television shows. For a few of them we’ve had to change our facade to look like a government facility in the United States. A few months ago, our doors had huge FBI decals on them and then today we masqueraded as the U.S. Dept. of Parks and Wildlife.

I’ll repeat, we’re in Canada. It’s highly doubtful that in real life, the FBI would have a facility in the middle of a Canadian industrial park with our several of our marked trucks in the parking lot. Neither would the US Park & Wildlife Department.

I’m completely amazed at the number of people who come to our company and look at the ‘fake’ signs on the door and don’t even question the validity of the ‘fake’ government office.

Okay, so it worked to my advantage when I recognized a salesman that I really didn’t want to talk to  – but sheesh people…we’re in CANADA.

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fun times at work

Occasionally you luck out. You find a job that matches your off-beat, off-colour and off-balance sense of humour.

Not long after I started, I walked down the hall to give the boss his mail. I notice the CFO is in with him so I turn to go back, the mail can wait. The CFO sees me and says, “Come on in.”, the boss pipes up, “We have our clothes on.”

I walk in and give the boss his mail and say, “Where’s the fun in that?”

One of the fellows I work with is an older gent, well past the age of retirement, but still sharp and spry with a quick wit that’s thoroughly enjoyable to be around.

I happened to follow him down the hall one day as he left the bathroom, “Gerald,” I called out to him, “It’s not that I’m looking at your butt… well ok I am, but you need to fix your pocket, it’s hanging out over your waistband obstructing my view.”

This same gentleman came to be with a massive binder. He plopped it down on my desk and I looked at him and said, “That thing’s huge.” Without missing a beat he said, “Shhh don’t tell anyone.” (that had us both laughing til tears ran down our faces and folks from the other offices poked their head out to see what was so funny)

My favourite guy from the field came in to turn in his gas receipts. I love chatting with him and hate the fact that it takes him so long to go through a tank of gas. One day I complained, “Took you long enough.” He pitched his voice low and sexy, “I know how to make it last a long time.” (Damn, I just about orgasmed on the spot)

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like a dog chasing a car

For some guys it’s all about the chase. (Okay, it’s the same for girls too but men definitely take the lead on this. Something about their latent hunter mindset)

The down-side is, well… have you even seen what a dog does to a car after he ‘catches’ it. He pisses on it.

We’ll that’s not entirely unlike what happens between men and women.

I’m reminded of this as, a close friend of mine yo-yo’s back and forth with her beau. They know they’re bad for each other, yet within a week of them breaking up they find an excuse to see each other and next thing we know they’re trying it again.

They don’t even like each other that much, they just can’t stand the thought of the other person moving on. Like a dog chasing a moving car. He has no interest in keeping it once it stops, it’s just fun to chase.

I’ve had a few bfs like that too. They’re so intent on trying to get my attention (and I’ll admit I’m rather clueless in recognizing the signs) but once they have it it’s like they turn off and lose interest. You can almost hear the ‘click’ go off in their brain.

They’re off to the next challenge and I’m left wondering what the hell was that all about.

Luckily, I’ve learned to shrug my shoulders and move on. Some guys realize that I’m not chasing after them and come running back, but seriously, if a guy is that fickle, I sure as hell don’t want him!

So Ladies, and Gents, if you have one of those cyclical romances that blows hot and cold GET OUT. It’s even worse for your health than yo-yo dieting.

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The Cling-On

Move over Start Trek there’s a new alien in town – the Cling-on.

We’ve all met her (and him – guys you’re not off the hook on this one)

You meet this person, they’re awesome. Intelligent, funny, employeed… they’ve got it together AND they know where they’ve put it – and bonus, they seem to be interested in you.

Can life get any sweeter.

Then it happens… you may not even notice it at first but you start to feel like you’ve just walked through a spider’s web. Tiny invisible strands attempting to bind you. “Just wanted to say hi’ texts… several times a day. Multiple phone messages while you were at work, even though your new beau knows you don’t take personal calls while on the job. That faint tone of reproach that you didn’t bend the rules to answer… just this once.

I dated a guy that loved to pick me up from work. At first I thought it was nice but then after a week or two he’d start arriving early and hanging around the office lobby until my shift was over and then be very passive-aggressive about me making him wait.

And I know several girls who are notorious for this. They’re well educated, strong women who become needy, basket-cases as soon as they get a new guy.

Stop the madness!!!

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