like a dog chasing a car

For some guys it’s all about the chase. (Okay, it’s the same for girls too but men definitely take the lead on this. Something about their latent hunter mindset)

The down-side is, well… have you even seen what a dog does to a car after he ‘catches’ it. He pisses on it.

We’ll that’s not entirely unlike what happens between men and women.

I’m reminded of this as, a close friend of mine yo-yo’s back and forth with her beau. They know they’re bad for each other, yet within a week of them breaking up they find an excuse to see each other and next thing we know they’re trying it again.

They don’t even like each other that much, they just can’t stand the thought of the other person moving on. Like a dog chasing a moving car. He has no interest in keeping it once it stops, it’s just fun to chase.

I’ve had a few bfs like that too. They’re so intent on trying to get my attention (and I’ll admit I’m rather clueless in recognizing the signs) but once they have it it’s like they turn off and lose interest. You can almost hear the ‘click’ go off in their brain.

They’re off to the next challenge and I’m left wondering what the hell was that all about.

Luckily, I’ve learned to shrug my shoulders and move on. Some guys realize that I’m not chasing after them and come running back, but seriously, if a guy is that fickle, I sure as hell don’t want him!

So Ladies, and Gents, if you have one of those cyclical romances that blows hot and cold GET OUT. It’s even worse for your health than yo-yo dieting.

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