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And The Stupidity Continues

I understand that there is a need to keep supplies moving and put food on people’s tables during this pandemic. I understand that an economic depression will be something that will affect those of us who survive not only this … Continue reading

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I’ve been busy, life has been good and I just haven’t had the irritation levels to post. Yeah, I’ve been very lucky for the past few years. But, all good things must come to an end and here we are. … Continue reading

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U.S. Infiltration is everywhere

I’ll repeat, we’re in Canada. It’s highly doubtful that in real life, the FBI would have a facility in the middle of a Canadian industrial park. Continue reading

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fun times at work

Occasionally you luck out. You find a job that matches your off-beat, off-colour and off-balance sense of humour. Continue reading

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like a dog chasing a car

For some guys it’s all about the chase. (Okay, it’s the same for girls too but men definitely take the lead on this. Something about their latent hunter mindset). The down-side is, well… have you even seen what a dog does to a car after he ‘catches’ it. He pisses on it. Continue reading

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The Cling-On

Move over Start Trek there’s a new alien in town – the Cling-on.

We’ve all met her (and him – guys you’re not off the hook on this one) Continue reading

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