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Being Eco-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean smart

horny old coot

This delightful older lady, no taller than 5’2″. All dressed in pink clutching her pretty white purse replied to the bus driver’s greeting of, “Hi, how are you tonight?” with “I’m going to kick him to the curb. I’m too old for this ss… stuff” she slammed her purse down on the bag storage area just behind the driver. “He want’s to go steady but he has a very different idea of steady than I do.” Continue reading

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subway crotch shots

Believe it or not… the worst offenders of crotch related offences on transit aren’t the voyeurs. Most people when faced with someone’s crotch inches away from the end of their nose, try to lean back and look away. The crotch-etiest offenders lean in close, giving their sitting targets no place to escape. Continue reading

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kids and transit

We were talking last night about the transit system. Comparing notes about different reasons the trains get delayed or rerouted. Continue reading

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and sometimes it’s me

One of my biggest pet peeves on transit are those inconsiderate folks who sit on the outside of the seat making it nearly impossible for others to slide in to the empty place beside them. Continue reading

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