I’ve been busy, life has been good and I just haven’t had the irritation levels to post. Yeah, I’ve been very lucky for the past few years.

But, all good things must come to an end and here we are. In the middle of a pandemic and we still have people screaming conspiracy theory/scam/hoax while watching people fall dead around them and still insisting that it’s not that bad out there.

The ones that amuse me the most are the ones who rail at the government no matter what it says. I have one friend that I follow on a few platforms – honestly, he wasn’t so paranoid when I met him a few decades ago. I’ve since watched him devolve and it’s like a train wreck, I just can’t look away.

In one breath he says this is all a hoax. He insists that this is a giant government conspiracy to make the sheeple cower in fear so they can have absolute authority. In the next breath he is certain that this is open biological warfare, designed to purge the world of the elderly, those who are dragging down our society with their high cost medical needs.

At least though, he seems to be staying inside. He has enough sense that if there is a chance this illness is real, to stay away from it. After all, even the flu is contagious and he is also an anti-vaxer, so he’s got enough brain power to protect himself. He spews his garbage from the safety of his kitchen table.

But the youngins. They are the ones who really piss me off. They’ve grown up in a science knowing world. Yet, they read a headline on Insta and decide this is an old people’s problem, doesn’t concern them and then refuse to take any sort of precautions. They have such a carefree attitude, “If I get Corona I get Corona… but maybe I’ll order a Bud instead. hahahahahahaha”

These are the ones who defy common sense, congregate in groups and then go visit Grandma. So I ask, how does it feel knowing that you are the sole reason your grandparent is dead? Or if are surviving, how does it feel watching them cough up a lung and struggle to take the smallest breath, all because you were too much of an asshole to worry about their health. That you, at 19 or 20 years old with barely a secondary school education, thought you knew more than the stupid grown-ups who studied this shit and have kept you alive this far.

Cause kiddo, there isn’t a do-over. You don’t get a second chance with this. You can’t say I didn’t know because you did. You were just more interested in having fun and fuck the consequences.

Hope you’re happy.

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