And The Stupidity Continues

I understand that there is a need to keep supplies moving and put food on people’s tables during this pandemic. I understand that an economic depression will be something that will affect those of us who survive not only this disease but also the stupidity surrounding it.

But seriously – you are going to open a university back up for classes. Sweetheart, I’m really hoping that your degree is a honorary one because with decisions like that you might as well use that piece of paper to wipe your ass.

Even if you don’t believe that this is a pandemic. Even if you don’t believe that this is anything worse than a bad flu, you should surely have enough sense to follow your mother’s advice and stay home if you’re sick. Instead, you are forcing people to risk their lives because you tell them it’s okay.

Do you have that much of a god complex?

What would Jesus do? He would be in the trenches at the hospitals. His goal was always to heal the sick, not send them to slaughter. So I ask again what the hell are you doing?

It wouldn’t be so bad if this was a vital undelayable, service, that had no other option. But, universities around the globe, hell even the preschools, have figured out a way to hold classes online so as not to contribute to the problem. While you just say, “Meh, so a few of them die. At least they’ve already paid this year’s tuition.”

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