fun times at work

Occasionally you luck out. You find a job that matches your off-beat, off-colour and off-balance sense of humour.

Not long after I started, I walked down the hall to give the boss his mail. I notice the CFO is in with him so I turn to go back, the mail can wait. The CFO sees me and says, “Come on in.”, the boss pipes up, “We have our clothes on.”

I walk in and give the boss his mail and say, “Where’s the fun in that?”

One of the fellows I work with is an older gent, well past the age of retirement, but still sharp and spry with a quick wit that’s thoroughly enjoyable to be around.

I happened to follow him down the hall one day as he left the bathroom, “Gerald,” I called out to him, “It’s not that I’m looking at your butt… well ok I am, but you need to fix your pocket, it’s hanging out over your waistband obstructing my view.”

This same gentleman came to be with a massive binder. He plopped it down on my desk and I looked at him and said, “That thing’s huge.” Without missing a beat he said, “Shhh don’t tell anyone.” (that had us both laughing til tears ran down our faces and folks from the other offices poked their head out to see what was so funny)

My favourite guy from the field came in to turn in his gas receipts. I love chatting with him and hate the fact that it takes him so long to go through a tank of gas. One day I complained, “Took you long enough.” He pitched his voice low and sexy, “I know how to make it last a long time.” (Damn, I just about orgasmed on the spot)

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