The Cling-On

Move over Start Trek there’s a new alien in town – the Cling-on.

We’ve all met her (and him – guys you’re not off the hook on this one)

You meet this person, they’re awesome. Intelligent, funny, employeed… they’ve got it together AND they know where they’ve put it – and bonus, they seem to be interested in you.

Can life get any sweeter.

Then it happens… you may not even notice it at first but you start to feel like you’ve just walked through a spider’s web. Tiny invisible strands attempting to bind you. “Just wanted to say hi’ texts… several times a day. Multiple phone messages while you were at work, even though your new beau knows you don’t take personal calls while on the job. That faint tone of reproach that you didn’t bend the rules to answer… just this once.

I dated a guy that loved to pick me up from work. At first I thought it was nice but then after a week or two he’d start arriving early and hanging around the office lobby until my shift was over and then be very passive-aggressive about me making him wait.

And I know several girls who are notorious for this. They’re well educated, strong women who become needy, basket-cases as soon as they get a new guy.

Stop the madness!!!

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